Thursday, 9 August 2012

Golden Hope and Bronze Bruises

Firstly my apologies for my lack off posting iv had a million and one things to deal with. Plus iv been bitten by the Olympics bug - hence the title.

I decided this post would follow the Olympic spirit but incorporating mental health... Confused?? Let me explain....

The golden moments of the Olympics has been associated with euphoric and ecstatic feelings. Much like when hitting a recovery milestone when suffering with depression. Every accomplishment feels a mini celebration and this was something I made sure I stuck too. When realising I had an illness to recover from I decided to make it steeping stones to an ultimate recovery (be why I haven't completely lost it when relapsing) and cash in on the "quitting smoking ads" - celebrate every win... It seems really simple but iv found that celebrating every "ok day" iv built myself up stronger and recover from "low days quicker".
The references to bronze bruises isn't meant to be a complete negative it's a a bit of a crappy metaphor, that in my mind means that even bad days (bruises) are a step towards ultimate recovery (bronze) a bit like a podium for the winners of the Olympics. As I said told you it was a crappy one!
Anyway I wanted this post to be positive and too say despite all the rubbish I'm dealing with in my physical health my mental health is getting there in true crappy metaphor style, my mental health is getting there and getting there well, a sterling silver if you like!

Xxxx thank you for reading xxxxx

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