Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The more we break, the more we feel alive

So for those of you in my "circle" (I hate that phrase) and who follow me on twitter or Facebook would know the lack of writing comes from a personal issue that could result in a rant rather than a post.

But truth be told I can't hold in much longer, for I've always been an extrovert and writing has always been my salvation.

So a quick recap for my lovely readers and introduction to my new comers. My name is Laurinda I'm 28 (growing younger each year) and mummy to my beautiful toddler Lylha aka Angel Diva ;) oh and Iv been living with a mental illness, post natal depression for the last 2ys and 2m. And I will forever shout from the hills aspirin can fix a headache without shame so why can't we fix a mental pipelines without a raised eyebrow?

Ok back to the post? Well writing your my release so please do your thing

What you know is rocked
What you believe is doubt
What you want is clouded
But in yourself your found

We take what's hard
We take what's due
But rarely take in what is owed
And live by what's due

For fancies and daydreams
Are goals not givens
So stop, pause and stop again
What is that your actually living

For what matters becomes clear
What hurts simply smothers
But what we want, what we need
Starts to beak out in one way or another

For when the smoke lifts
The tears lessen
We can truly appreciate what is here
What is with us can be our heaven

Interpret how you wish for me simply in coping right now mentally and physically I need to appreciate what I do have and that is all I need to focus on in the meantime. That and remembering that we are never alone. Someone somewhere can listen and that's sometimes the biggest medication.

Depression isn't an excuse or something to cringe at. It's our illness someways its fine others we need a hug or a cuppa or a vent. Writing your mine. Search for yours if you haven't already


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