Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hold on for one more day

Wow happy 2013 ... Better late than never, and I always opt for fashionably late to a party

So excuses time in the last 6 months, yes that long ago now, my world changed dramatically...I sadly became a single mum and my physical health symptoms have been in over drive. So I haven't blogged because iv been back on the meds - iv spent days googling "how do I stop crying" and didn't think it appropriate for someone positive about mental health blogged about he darkness we know and fear

and then the cloud I often find myself under lifted....

I always say smile and the world will smile with you - well I took my own medicine and it worked. When I cried and ached full of hurt, self pity and anger I was filled with messages of "chin up" "time is a healer" BUT when I smiled all I heard was "wow you are stronger than you look" "I couldn't do if"
Looks like sorrow doesn't like company?

The more I smiled the more those around me raised my mood and the more I started to believe again

The bloody black cloud is a bugger but when sunlight comes through its a saviour. My friends, my family, my daughter and my smile have made the hardest part of my life not only liveable but successive!

Only one thing is more warming than you seeing your smile in your mirror and that's your child saying "you are pretty when you smile mummy, I love you"

Go on smile - you know you want too!!

Happy new year pen service has resumed

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