Monday, 20 April 2015

The Supermarket ... With your kid(s)

So after the heaviness of lasts night post, I thought I would a deviate and think about the 'mums' we see in the supermarket. 

I'm UK based; so please excuse my use of Tesco (if supermarkets were BdSm, Tesco, by power and wealth, be the Dom
Mega) ... Anyway the blog

So today I Internet shopped, I couldn't be dealing with the histrionics of a child and Tesco, until shit happened, they didn't deliver my wine. Really?! Just really - Mums wine or wipes what's your pain stake here .. You can dampen tissue ... We can't ferment fruit for bedtime. 

So as I ambled the aisles I encountered various different parents ... From the; 


'Oh just take a bag out the pack it will keep [sakd child] quiet'

'I know I said 30secs but you want food tonight do you?'

'When we get home you are straight to bed'

'How hard is it to just sit still'

'No burger king' ... My favourite 

And the ultimate off 'for god sake darling just give him his dummy'

The supermarket is parenting demand like no other, and after my negative post yesterday can I just say, parents - 'too are doing an amazing job' 

It's hard, it's crazy, it drives us crazy, did I say hard, but one 'I love you from their little mouths' and it's all worth every sk life moment. 

Please share the love. Love Laurinda 

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